Remote Jobs Dec 30, 2023 (International)

Linux Desktop Support Associate – Hiring in EMEA

Remote job at Canonical, hiring in EMEA: Your day to day job is to provide technical expertise, be an excellent communicator and a service-oriented professional. Every day you will have to make judgement calls to prioritise customer issues and maximise your effectiveness. You will also need to set time aside to learn about our new products and technologies and evolve as a professional. You will participate in various training sessions, team gatherings and Company events.

They would like you to have a Bachelors or equivalent four year degree in a technical field from an accredited college or university. Preferable majors: Computer Science, MIS, Electrical Engineering, etc. They also want you to have experience in a Linux based environment gained through university subjects or work experience and Linux knowledge including the installation, troubleshooting and basic configuration of recent Ubuntu Desktop releases.

Media Thumbnail Designer – Hiring Worldwide is hiring remotely worldwide: You love design, YouTube, and content. You are an excellent designer, able to delight audiences with fun, clickable thumbnails. You have a strong sense of storytelling and are able to take a video, title, and brief, and create a compelling thumbnail that captures the content and why viewers both inside and outside of the chess community will love to watch the piece. You are able to implement a unique style and develop a brand identity for’s thumbnails that is consistent with the company voice and brand. You love the analytics and are able to assess performance on the fly and modify designs when content isn’t performing well. You are a strong team member and enjoy collaborating remotely.

What You’ll Do

  • Design thumbnails for, starting with original content on YouTube, and possibly extending to other publications.
  • Optimize thumbnails for’s best-performing archival content.
  • Develop a distinct brand for’s thumbnails.
  • Assess media performance and refine designs and strategies to optimize for evolving algorithms and public tastes.
  • Collaborate with’s creative team on said media.
  • Stay engaged with the latest trends in thumbnails and identify new opportunities.
  • Creatively incorporate product and brand designs into thumbnails.

Required Skills

  • 3+ years of design experience
  • Experience designing successful thumbnails for YouTube
  • Excellence in Photoshop
  • You “get” chess
  • Excellent communicator and collaborator
  • Lifelong learner
  • Experience with tools like AE, Blender, or AI images (optional)

Sr. Performance Marketing Manager – Worldwide

Hiring worldwide at Time Doctor: As our Senior Performance Marketing Manager, you’ll collaborate closely with various teams, including marketing, product, design, sales, growth, and engineering, to craft and implement a comprehensive paid marketing strategy. You’ll blend paid media and organic social channels to create a cohesive marketing plan that drives user acquisition, engagement, and revenue. At Time Doctor, we believe that data storytelling is at the heart of operations. You will play a crucial role in interpreting campaign results, evaluating brand and performance metrics, optimizing channel efficiency, and measuring key indicators like CAC, ROI, and ROAS. Your expertise will guide our decision-making processes across the organization.

This is a great opportunity for someone with 6-8 years of experience in a similar role in the SaaS industry with experience in both sales-led and product-led organizations.