The Story Behind Smart Remoter

Hi, I'm Kat

I'm the optimistic creator of Smart Remoter - and I'm almost always in a good mood 🙂

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The Creation of Smart Remoter:

Have you noticed how so many ‘other’ work-from-home-jobs / remote job blogs write about the same exact stuff ?

You know, topics like:

All the same.  Right ?

So, as a result of tirelessly reading the same stuff and having a lot of “screw this” moments,  I dug deep into work I could really do remotely. Work that not everyone else talked about.  Work that I could confidently call a career.

And then I decided to create Smart Remoter to share my findings with you.

Because we’re all smart enough to know there can’t possibly be enough work-from-home jobs with the few opportunities everyone writes about.

With Smart Remoter, you’ll discover new career options that can be done remotely.  Plus, you’ll learn how to do them, where to find the jobs, and how to boost your chances of being hired.

What do you say ?  Ready to be a Smart Remoter ?

Life Before Smart Remoter

I had a pretty long ‘Corporate’ life before landing where I am now, starting at the bottom and eventually working my way to the …middle.   As a mostly self-taught Accounting Assistant turned HR Manager, with a bit of apartment leasing thrown in the mix, I climbed my way out of the grueling 9-5 go-home-when-the-shift-is-over job to the 8-8 go-home-when-the-work-is-done job.

Neither was glamorous nor fun but I stuck with it.

Then one cold February day in 2007…

…I was “let go” from my job.

And if that wasn’t sucky enough, a few months later, life really changed. 

But once things settled down and a routine was established, I started a website about gardening and learned how to make money sharing my information.  Then, I started another site where I wrote about and recommended handbags and purses.  I was making pretty good money.

That little bit of success sparked my interest in other website ventures, which have since run their courses.  Except one blog, which is doing quite well.  But I wanted to add to that success and create a more grown-up version of that blog.

Which is…Smart Remoter !

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash