Make $90,000 – $120,000 Managing Events From Home

Swiftly is currently seeking an experienced event planner to manage every aspect of event production, from concept to execution. The ideal candidate is passionate, creative, detail-oriented, and committed to delivering exceptional results. They will be an expert in event planning, including cost-effective strategies, venue selection, logistics, and best practices. Leadership skills are essential, as is the ability to ensure consistently high-quality outcomes. Our ideal candidate excels in both day-to-day details and creating exceptional experiences with a visionary approach.

We would love for this person to start on January 8, 2024 in conjunction with our first event of the year CES in Las Vegas.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Manage all aspects of event planning, meet strict deadlines, and stay within budget
  • Nurture and build relationships with vendors, venues, and other industry contacts while crafting and implementing the creative and logistical aspects of all events
  • Remain current (or ahead of the curve) with trends in event planning, design, and production, and proactively identify and solve operational challenges
  • Establish procedures and train staff to execute them
  • Coordinate with internal staff, clients, and vendors to establish the requirements for an event, and serve as liaison to senior executives, government officials, and industry leaders throughout the planning process

Required Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience
  • Proven success in event planning or coordination
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience in building and maintaining positive business relationships
  • Excellent organizational skills, including multitasking, time management, and attention to detail
  • Ability to handle pressure and make good decisions quickly