2 Entry-Level Remote Jobs: Little to No Experience Required

Make Up To $4,000 / Per Month With These 2 Entry Level Remote Jobs

So I have two entry level – or as we sometimes like to call them – beginner friendly work from home jobs I’m going to share today.

And so you can get your application in right away we’re just going to jump right into them.

JOB #1

The first one comes to us from the company OneCall and they work with insurance companies third-party administrators and employers to coordinate care for Injured Workers. Right now they’re looking for an accounts receivable associate, level one, and this is an entry-level position and its full-time, remote for anybody in the United States.


They’re willing to pay between $17.49 and $25.35 per hour for this role but the one thing I found kind of funny about this job they say here: “it’s not typical for an individual to be hired at or near the top of this pay range…”. But you know what ? I would start at the high end of this range – you can always negotiate your salary.

Benefits are included and it looks like your typical suite of benefits and they also offer a $1,000 colleague referral program and tuition reimbursement.


On a day-to-day basis you’ll be facilitating the resolution of open receivables.

  • You’ll review the coding product contract payment agreement fee schedule and or authorization terms on open invoices
  • You will address denial and partial payment of invoices
  • Diagnose and report to management any customer issues regarding rejection trends and denials
  • You’ll also work to improve end-to-end business processes.
  • You’ll interact with internal and external customers to resolve billing cash and claim discrepancies
  • Maintain accurate documentation of claim file activities.
  • And you’ll address accounts receivable inquiries.


As far as education and experience, they are looking for someone who has a high school diploma or equivalent, and that would be a GED.

They tell us it’s preferred if you have an Associate’s degree in business finance or related. Now that’s just preferred, it’s not required.

  • They’d like you to have intermediate Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook skills
  • And it’s preferred to have medical billing and or collection history experience. And again preferred, not required.
  • You should have analytical and problem solving abilities.
  • You have excellent math skills.
  • You have the ability to work well independently and with the team.
  • They’d like you to have excellent follow-up and follow-through abilities.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills,
  • You’re able to multitask
  • And you can follow instructions
  • Another preference is knowledge of federal and state fee schedules. And again preferred, not required. So what you can do there is just do a quick internet research and see what you can come up with as far as federal and state fee schedules.

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JOB #2

The second entry-level work from home position I have comes to us from Health Advocate and they were founded by some former CEOs of the Aetna Insurance Group and the main goal of this company is to help health care recipients navigate their way through the Health Care system.

Today they’re looking for a Seasonal Associate EAP and this is a full-time remote position for anyone located in the United States and this is mainly an administrative position.


  • You’ll be doing some data entry, faxing, copying, Distributing and filing material, and also doing some client contact or follow-up.
  • You may also utilize a CRM tool such as Salesforce to update client information.
  • And you may communicate with members via email.
  • You’ll also prepare reports, create organized project files, and provide the project leadership with status reports throughout assigned projects.


They’re not asking for much as far as qualifications but they would like you to have a high school diploma or a GED, that is required. And they’d prefer you have a minimum of six months education or work experience in a related area but that’s just preferred it’s not required


Benefits are included in this position and it looks like your standard suite of benefits to include medical dental vision like disability critical illness Insurance 401k and plenty of time off.

Unfortunately, though, they don’t tell us how much they pay but checking out their profile on Glassdoor it looks like Seasonal Associates make just under $38,000.00 per year. That comes to just over $18.00 per hour. There’s no way I can guarantee that’s how much you’ll make but at least you have a starting point for your salary negotiation.

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