11 Best Amazon FBA Courses for Beginners on a Budget

In this guide I review the best Amazon FBA courses for beginners on a budget. This online course review is based on features, usability, price, training material and more. So, if you want to start selling on Amazon using their fulfillment services but don’t know how to begin, then continue reading.

E Commerce Courses and Software

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Amazon continues to be a leading e-commerce platform, with Fullfilment by Amazon (FBA) offering effortless logistics and shipping for sellers.

If you’re thinking about selling on Amazon, have read through their FBA guide, but still don’t have a grasp of what it takes to be successful, then maybe an online training course is for you.

How We Picked These Courses

When picking the best Amazon FBA courses for this review, we wanted to be sure we actually learned the details of selling on Amazon.

We took a hard look at:

➑ the instructor and their teaching technique

➑ how the training material is laid-out

➑ the amount of ‘fluff’ material – too much is not good πŸ™‚

➑ the depth and scope of the Amazon FBA course

➑ length of the course

➑ cost-effectiveness

The Best Amazon FBA Course for Beginners

Here are the best tutorials and training courses for Amazon sellers.

Best private label Amazon course

#1 Freedom Ticket by Helium 10

  • Level: Beginner – Pro
  • Course length: 10 Weeks, with one module unlocked each week.
  • Prerequisites: Computer and internet
  • Price: Free training but you need to buy the $39.00/month subscription to Helium10
  • Creator’s Credentials: Created by Kevin King, a Million-dollar Amazon seller

Key Features:

βœ” In-depth and step-by-step lessons covering all aspects of selling on amazon
βœ” Comes with amazon FBA seller listing management software
βœ” Course is easy to follow and understand
βœ” 7-day money-back refund

What I Like:

Not only is the Freedom Ticket very thorough, the platform is easy to navigate.

I used some of the features in the Helium 10 software, and probably would use more if I was an active Amazon seller.

What I Don’t Like:

Even though the course is pretty cheap, at $39.00 a month, it is recommended you have at least $5,000 to get your Amazon business started.

Also, it doesn’t seem like many people have shared their success stories.

Another thing: it’s not a lifetime-access course. When I canceled my Helium 10 subscription, I no longer had access to Freedom Ticket.

Freedom Ticket Review:

Brought to you by Helium 10 and Kevin King, this Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA course has one main goal: teach you how to become a successful Amazon FBA seller, specifically with the private label selling method.

Before we get into the review, what is Helium 10, who is Kevin King, and what is private label ?

β–Ά Helium 10 is an all-in-one software suite for Amazon sellers used to manage products, identify trends, optimize listing, manage inventory, and a lot more necessary to manage your Amazon selling.
β–Ά Kevin King is an Amazon expert who has built several Amazon FBA businesses, earning millions of dollars. He gladly shares his Amazon selling knowledge.
β–Ά Private label is when something is manufactured by one company but someone else puts their branding and label on it and sells it. and yes, it is legal and a common seller’s method on Amazon.

This is a very thorough, interactive course that is structured around a 10-week lesson plan. Even though it is a 10-week course, you get everything presented to you at once with the intention of each module taking about a week to fully understand. And for me, it did because there are many lessons

It does NOT go into hacks or fads – it actually teaches you how to successfully sell on amazon from start to finish, focusing on the private-label selling model.

This course goes into detail on 3 main topics:

  1. Picking profitable products, with an emphasis on not getting emotionally tied to one certain product.
  2. Creating good listings that bring in sales.
  3. Driving traffic to your listing.

Each one of these topics is covered in great depth, with drilled-down lessons that go into specifics. At a minimum you’ll learn how crucial it is that you know how to get reviews, how to stay within Amazon’s terms of service, and how to effectively write keyword-descriptions for your items so you get on the first page of Amazon.

This is what the weekly course lineup looks like:

One lesson covered in this course that’s rarely talked about in other courses is cash flow and the importance of never running out of inventory and actually making a profit.

As you go through each lesson, there are downloadable spreadsheets to make it easy to track your course progress along the way.

Getting started is easy, just log in and go to the Freedom Ticket library to access all the weekly lesson plans. Last I checked, I logged into the Helium 10 portal and then went to the Freedom Ticket course, and that’s ok because you are actually buying a subscription to helium 10 to get the Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA training.

The platform is very easy to maneuver, with all the weekly lesson plans on the left and the video training in the main window.

Freedom Ticket Dashboard


Free with purchase of the $39.00 / month subscription for Helium 10’s software.

#2 Amazon Boot Camp by The Selling Family

Best Amazon Retail Arbitrage Course

Amazon Boot Camp Course Review
  • Level: Beginner
  • Course length: On-your-time course consisting of 10 hours of lessons with 9 modules.
  • Prerequisites: Computer, internet, smart phone, and familiar with Amazon
  • Price: $345.00
  • Creator’s Credentials: The Selling Family husband and wife team of Cliff and Jessica Larrew have been selling full-time on Amazon since 2008.

Key Features:

βœ” Instant, Lifetime Access to all 9 Course Modules.
βœ” Full Lesson Transcripts and (CC) on All Videos.
βœ” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
βœ” Teaches how to make an actual business selling on Amazon.
βœ” Easy to follow and understand.
βœ” Practical guide to finding the best things to buy and sell.

What I Like:

I like that retail arbitrage is a pretty inexpensive way to sell on Amazon and this course did a great job taking me step-by-step on how to do that. The training is extremely comprehensive and thorough, and I felt like nothing was left out.

The refund policy is great. A full 30 days “nothing-to-lose” money-back guarantee.

What I Don’t Like:

There is no support for this course, although it is maintained and kept up-to-date. However, group support may be coming in the future.

Retail arbitrage strategies used outside the USA are not covered in this course.

Amazon Boot Camp Review:

When struggling to make a living from home, while taking care of her young child, Jessica Larrew started selling things on Ebay. Then, after doing some research, she found that selling on Amazon was much better…and more profitable.

Amazon Boot Camp and The Selling Family helps Amazon FBA sellers at every stage of their e-commerce business, whether you’re just thinking about getting started selling on Amazon, or you’ve been selling for years.

If you’re a bargain-hunter or deal-seeker, this course walks you through the steps to sell sell on Amazon FBA using the Retail Arbitrage model. In fact, it is designed for beginners who have never sold anything online before.

The training is broken up into 9 modules, each one consisting of several video-based lessons.

What you’ll learn in Amazon Boot Camp:

➑ Amazon Business Basics:
How to structure your business and make it legal.

➑ Amazon Seller Account and Scanning Apps:
Setting up your seller account and using the right buyer’s apps.

➑ Finding Profitable Items Locally and Online:
Where to shop for items, how to go through stores quickly, which apps. make it easier.

➑ Amazon Categories, Best Seller Ranks & The Buy Box:
All you need to know to pick the best categories and how to gain the coveted Buy Box.

➑ Product Evaluating Tips:
How to avoid bad buys, common inventory scenarios, setting profit goals, and more tips.

➑ Getting Your Products to Amazon AND Your Customers:
Learn the right way to ship your items to Amazon and make them appear on Amazon’s website. Also, you’ll learn how to figure out what to price your products.

➑ Managing Your Amazon Account and Running Your Business:
Here you’ll learn how to get familiar with your Seller Account so that you know where to find all of your important forms, dashboards, and account information.

But it doesn’t end there. You’ll get a thorough understanding why retail arbitrage is the best way for newbies to start selling on Amazon and how to really establish yourself as an Amazon seller.

A few things you should understand:

-This course will not tell you exactly what to sell. but it walks you through how to figure that out.
-Because you’ll be sending your items to Amazon for them to ship, you do have to buy supplies like boxes, packing tape, poly bags, and postage.

As far as the refund policy is concerned, it is one of the best I’ve come across for an online course of this nature. According to The Selling Family:

If you get into the Amazon Boot Camp course and realize this just isn’t for you, all you have to do is contact my support team and ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

We will process your refund within 24 (business) hours and the money will be back in your account within 5 business days (because the payment processor takes this amount of time, not us).

Amazon Boot Camp


$345.00 one-time payment

#3 How to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners by Jungle Scout

Best Free Amazon FBA Course

Jungle Scout Free Amazon FBA Guide
  • Level: Beginner
  • Course length: About an hour’s worth of reading and 1.5 hours video.
  • Prerequisites: Computer and internet
  • Price: FREE
  • Creator’s Credentials: Created by JungleScout, an e-commerce marketing analysis company.

Key Features:

βœ” 6 in-depth chapters in a step-by-step guide to get started as an Amazon FBA seller.
βœ” Many helpful tips.
βœ” Videos to accompany each chapter.
βœ” Actionable tactics to help you expand your Amazon seller business.

What I Like:

To be an Amazon FBA seller, there are a lot of things you need to know before you even source products and this course does a good job of going over all that.

It has a pretty large chapter on product research, going into things most other courses don’t.

What I Don’t Like:

There’s a lot of reading !

Also, because this guide was created by an Amazon research software company, they discuss extensively how to use their software to do product research.

As far as free goes, this is a good guide but it does stop short in detailing how to do product research. They would rather you buy their software for that.


Who created this guide ? Jungle Scout is the mastermind behind this guide, a developer of e-commerce marketing analytical tools. With more than 300 Amazon experts around the world, their mission is “to provide powerful data and resources to help entrepreneurs and brands grow successful businesses on Amazon”.

As far as free Amazon FBA training is concerned, this is one of the best guides that does a pretty good job of showing us how to get started from the very beginning…like what you need to do and what role Amazon has.

There are 6 chapters that you can read through whenever you feel like, each one supplemented with videos, examples, and tool recommendations.

  • Chapter 1: The FBA Basics
  • Chapter 2: What to Sell on Amazon
  • Chapter 3: How to Source Products
  • Chapter 4: How to list a Product on Amazon
  • Chapter 5: How to Launch a Product on Amazon
  • Chapter 6: Strategies to Grow Your Business

Each chapter is full of good advice, and is a great starting point, but it does take a while to go through the entire guide. I spent about 4 hours reading, and re-reading, and still didn’t get through everything. Fortunately, I can go back through it whenever I want to.

One of the most in-depth chapters, is the 4th one: How to List a Product on Amazon. It starts out teaching us how to do keyword research using a couple methods, then goes into UPC barcodes, product listing, and how to get set-up in Seller central.



#4 How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners

Free course that covers the basics, including sourcing products

Amazon FBA YouTube video1
  • Level: Beginner
  • Course length: 37+ minutes YouTube
  • Prerequisites: Computer & internet
  • Price: FREE
  • Creator’s Credentials: Active Amazon FBA seller since 2016.

Key Features:

βœ” Up-to-date.
βœ” Several examples throughout the course.
βœ” Explains in detail what makes a good – or bad – Amazon product listing.
βœ” Shows how to open a seller account.
βœ” Talks about FBA fees.

What I Like:

For a free course, he does a good job explaining how to look for and source items to sell.

What I Don’t Like:

A few things, which are not too big a deal: the instructor talks a bit fast, I could do without the silly extra graphics, and the video is a bit choppy (where edited).

How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners Review:

With so many free YouTube courses about Amazon FBA, it takes time to weed through the ones that will actually benefit you. But there are some good ones, like this one.

For a free course, this one does a good job of showing us how to start an Amazon FBA business. The course focuses on building your brand with private label selling, where you put your own little spin on an existing product, put your label on it, and sell it.

A lot of time is spent on sourcing products through Alibaba, then he moves into shipping options – ocean and freight. Finally, product listing do’s and dont’s are discussed. What I found helpful, that many courses don’t go into, is the chapter that shows how to set up your Amazon FBA seller account and the related fees.

Like many other courses, this one recommends we use the product analysis program Jungle Scout, which is subscription-based and costs at least $29.00 a month. Furtunately, there’s a free 7-day trial of Jungle Scout. Well worth trying it out.


Free YouTube video

#5 Viral Launch: How to Sell on Amazon

Shows how to select the best products and scale your business

Viral Launch Free Course
  • Level: Beginner
  • Course length: 6+ hours total, self-paced.
  • Prerequisites: Computer & internet
  • Price: FREE
  • Creator’s Credentials: Experienced sellers who created an Amazon analysis program.

Key Features:

βœ”Video based with links to free resources.
βœ” Go at your own pace; skip ahead, and play back whenever you need to.
βœ” Shows how to research and obtain products.
βœ” Discusses how to launch your products and then scale your business for more sales.
βœ” Does a good job of explaining what Amazon FBA and why it is a good selling platform.

What I Like:

The course curriculum is very easy to follow, with each lesson in a table of contents layout.

The videos aren’t boring and I was able to use the free version of Viral Launch to do the product / competitor research.

What I Don’t Like:

It’s not the easiest course to access – you have to actually sign-up through the ENROLL IN COURSE button, which then processes through Teachable. But don’t worry…it’s still free. Just not instant access like a YouTube video.

Viral Launch Amazon Course Review:

Because this free Amazon FBA course is hosted on Teachable (an online course creation/presentation platform), you have to sign-up / sigh-on to a Teachable account before you can even access the course curriculum. Not too big a deal; just an extra step.

As far as the course goes, it’s easy to navigate with all the training modules front and center. When you click on any of the START buttons, you’re presented with a video pertaining to that lesson. Very easy to follow, understand, and listen to.

In just over 6 hours, you’ll learn all the vital parts to selling on Amazon including finding, sourcing, and launching a product. There’s also a section on scaling your business and beating your competition, with tips on how to ‘spy’ on top-selling vendors so you can ‘hijack’ their customers (all legal…no worries).

This course relies heavily on their own Amazon marketing software, Viral Launch. You’re taught how to use that tool for product analysis and competition search, which are two of the most important parts of selling. Fortunately, there’s a free 14-day trial for the “Essentials” plan; sign-up for free and use the tool to follow along with this Amazon training course.

As far as your instructors and course creators, there’s Tom Wang and David Zalenski. Each one is an experienced Amazon seller who seem to know their stuff.

This is what the Viral Launch: How to Sell on Amazon free training platform looks like. Start by clicking the Course Curriculum link on the left, select the lesson you want o learn, then click the start button.

Viral Launch Amazon Training Course Platform



#6 Academy (Amazon FBA by Jungle Scout)

Comprehensive, in-depth FBA training at a very low cost

Jungle Scout Academy
  • Level: Beginner
  • Course length: As long as it takes you to go through the 130+ videos.
  • Prerequisites: Computer, internet, Jungle Scout account.
  • Price: Starts at $29.00 month.
  • Creator’s Credentials: 8-figure Amazon seller and winner of Best Amazon Expert by Seller Awards.

Key Features:

βœ” Easy-to-navigate dashboard with lessons front-and-center.
βœ” Includes lessons and tutorials on getting started, how to do product research, and where to get products.
βœ” Several lessons on Amazon’s Seller Central (web interface used by Amazon sellers) and item shipping.
βœ” Tutorials showing how to sync your Amazon account with jungle Scout.
βœ” Tips for creating product descriptions that attract buyers
βœ” Live Q&A’s, community forums, and jump-start sessions for new sellers.

What I Like:

Very comprehensive ! The lessons are video-based with supplemental tutorials and a lot of options for support.

What I Don’t Like:

You need a Jungle Scout account to access Academy.

Academy Review:

Another course brought to you by Jungle Scout (an Amazon analysis tool for sellers), Academy is the most comprehensive and actionable training program I’ve come across. However, it isn’t free. To access Academy, you have to purchase a Jungle Scout account but at $29.00 a month (starter plan), this is the least expensive start-to-finish video training course and offers a 7-day money back guarantee.

From product research to managing your business, Academy’s learning hub includes over 130 on-demand videos and bite-sized tutorials, covering every aspect of your selling journey with guidance from Amazon pros.

We’ve mentioned Jungle Scout a few times in this post, mainly because it’s one of the few Amazon product research tools available that gives accurate data. Plus, it’s used by just about every serious Amazon seller and instructor. The starter plan comes out to $29.00 a month and it has a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Although you need a Jungle Scout account to access Academy, I think it’s worth the small starter price of $29.00. Look at it like this: for $29.00 this is the cheapest Amazon FBA course that goes into great detail showing how to sell on Amazon and includes a product research & analysis software.

Once you’ve created a Jungle Scout account, just click on ‘Academy’ in the left-hand menu. Your Academy dashboard will look like this, showing lessons you’ve completed, ones you haven’t done yet, and a section of tutorials to go along with the lessons.


$29.00 per month

#7 Amazon FBA Course: How to Sell on Amazon Mastery Course

Best ‘short’ course for analyzing products

Amazon FBA Course Mastery
  • Level: Beginner
  • Course length: 3.5 hours on-demand
  • Prerequisites: Basic internet search skills.
  • Price: $119.99 Currently on sale for under $20.00
  • Creator’s Credentials: Marketing entrepreneur of the year in 2014.

Key Features:

βœ” Interactive Q&A.
βœ” The course was recently updated, and is updated whenever necessary.
βœ” You’ll learn to analyze a product and product category on Amazon in minutes to figure out what to sell.
βœ” Teaches how to source and negotiate the best prices for products.
βœ” Downloadable resources to go along with the lessons.

What I Like:

Even though this is a short-ish class (3.5 hours), everything is in there.

I didn’t feel like I wasted my time nor did I feel the need to skip ahead to get to the details.

What I Don’t Like:

Because the instructor is the owner of another learning platform, CourseEnvy, he does a little up-selling of his own software.

Amazon Mastery Course Review:

Brought to you by the creator of CourseEnvy.com, your instructor is a marketing entrepreneur who claims he ‘walks the talk’ with his own Amazon brands, earning almost $150,000 in 9 months selling on Amazon.

You get a lot of information packed in this 3.5 hours-long Amazon FBA course, diving into all the main points to get your business started ASAP. Not only will you learn how to legally set-up your Amazon seller business, you’ll learn how to promote your listings using keywords and how to package / ship your items.

Probably the most important lesson taught, is how to determine and source the best items to sell. This course has several sections on tracking and finding the best selling items per category and how to make YOUR product stand out.

This course does a good job of explaining what Amazon arbritrage and Amazon private label selling are and why you would want to go with one option over the other.


$119.99 but often deeply discounted

#8 The Last Amazon FBA Course – Private Label Guide

Best Inexpensive course for private label selling

The Last Amazon FBA Course With Brock Johnson
  • Level: Beginner
  • Course length: 54 hours of on-demand video
  • Prerequisites: Computer, internet, and a positive attitude.
  • Price: $119.99 Currently on sale for under $20.00
  • Creator’s Credentials: E-commerce pro and top Amazon seller.

Key Features:

βœ” Discusses product research and the ways to know if a product is a good opportunity.
βœ” Takes a deep dive into finding suppliers with Alibaba.
βœ” Includes interviews with 10 Amazon millionaires who share their proven strategies.
βœ” Teaches how to negotiate best prices and products.
βœ” Gives an understanding on how to create the ‘perfect’ listing from an Amazon SEO expert who has worked on over 1,000 Products.
βœ” Lesson on how to properly label and ship your products to the Amazon FBA warehouses.
βœ” Strategies to eliminate the risk of product failure.
βœ” In-depth knowledge shared from experts in specific areas (tax, photography, SEO, purchasing).Continually updated.

What I Like:

I really like the way this course is presented, starting with the instructor showing and teaching then including experts who share their knowledge in specific areas.

I felt like I got a better understanding of how to create listings by utilizing techniques used by top search engine specialists and how to properly set up an Amazon business without getting into legal trouble.

What I Don’t Like:

I skipped some of the lessons, like the one that goes over retail sales and the section about Coronavirus.

I also fast-forwarded through some of the expert introductions…they seemed a little too much for me.

Also, there weren’t a whole lot of screenshots of the actual Amazon platform or downloadable resources.

The Last Amazon FBA Course Review:

This course is different than any other course I’ve taken – not only is it…kind of podcast-y…it has several guest speakers who contribute their own expertise, giving in-depth explanations and examples on how to do specific things. For example, in the Legal and Tax overview section, the instructor introduces his tax expert to give us information on legally setting up our Amazon business. And he has videos with several photographers explaining how to present images properly to make your product look good..

It took me about 3 weeks to get through this entire course, mainly because I couldn’t watch more than a few hours at a time because I had trouble visualizing his explanations. I had to go over some of the lessons a few times because there is so much information I was afraid I would miss something.

Who’s your instructor ? Brock Johnson is an energetic, well-spoken teacher with a business degree and a background in applied mathematics and computer science. He’s been selling on Amazon since 2015 and has committed over a year developing and updating this course.

I found this course to be very easy to follow and the lessons to be casual, accompanied with whiteboard type explanations. I’m a visual learner so this method made it easy for me to retain interest but if you want straight-to-the-point teaching in a formal manner, this course isn’t right for you.

The Last Amazon FBA Course


$119.99 but frequently goes on sale

#9 Amazon FBA Masterclass by a 7-Figure Seller: How to Pick Profitable Products

How to Pick Products on Amazon
  • Level: Beginner
  • Course length: 2.5 hours, self-paced
  • Prerequisites: Computer& internet
  • Price: $109.99 Currently on sale for $15.99
  • Creator’s Credentials: Amazon seller and consultant

Key Features:

βœ” Hands-on examples.
βœ” Downloadable resources.
βœ” In-depth explanations of the top 3 methods to generate product ideas.

What I Like:

I like that this course is is short, concise and is based on experience.

It went into detail on how to use the right tools to figure out what to sell on Amazon.

He recaps each lesson before moving on to the next, without being overly repetitive.

What I Don’t Like:

I was hoping to get more in-depth info. on the categories and types of products to avoid, therefore lending a bit more to the imagination on things worth selling.

FBA Masterclass From a 7-Figure Seller Review:

Your instructor is Jordan Minh, a college graduate who decided to make the most out of life so he became a full time professional Amazon FBA seller and consultant with over 5000 students and clients from more than 170 countries around the world.

When thinking about starting an Amazon FBA business, one of the biggest issues is coming up with product items. In this course, you’ll learn the best three ways to analyze and find products so you’re a success.

The course explains the concept of the Product Success Funnel – the process in which your ideas flow through, from identifying to marketing. In less than 3 hours, you’ll know how to master the process of product research using highly effective and efficient tools while while maximizing your ROI (Return On Investment) to 100%+ per year.

Of the three research methods taught, one of them is a paid membership. However, if used correctly and you’re serious about selling on Amazon, this might be worth it for you.

Ways to Generate Amazon Product Ideas


$109.99, frequently discounted

#10 Starting an Amazon FBA Store on a Tight Budget

A great ‘start-from-scratch” course

Start an Amazon FBA Store on a Tight Budget
  • Level: Beginner
  • Course length: 10.5 hours, self-paced
  • Prerequisites: Computer, internet, spreadsheet capabilities
  • Price: $109.99 Currently on sale for under $20.00
  • Creator’s Credentials: 15 years experience as an Affiliate Marketer and e-commerce seller.

Key Features:

βœ” Teaches how to choose the best products to sell through buyer searches and purchases.
βœ” Shows where and how to source those products.
βœ” Explains in detail what makes a good – or bad – Amazon product listing.
βœ” In-depth lesson on creating listings, sending items to Amazon, and promoting listings.
βœ” Discusses advanced strategies to get more reviews and sales.
βœ” Extensive student feedback with different and advanced selling strategies.
βœ” Course is continually up-to-date.

What I Like:

This course starts from scratch; doesn’t require any knowledge or experience of online selling.

What I Don’t Like:

The basics are covered early on in the course, and if you have any knowledge of being an Amazon FBA seller it might feel like it drags on.

I found myself fast forwarding to get through the general registration and set-up process. However, the course gets more advanced and more detailed as you progress through the lessons.

Starting an Amazon Store on a Budget Review:

Theo McGregor, your instructor, does a great job of presenting this course in an easy-to-follow manner. I admire her ability to utilize what she’s learned through trial-and-error and persistence to bring this course to us.

Starting an Amazon store on a budget begins with a small inventory of specific items and this course does a good job of showing how to start small and scale-up as you gain experience. Detailing the different ways to be an Amazon seller, you’ll learn how to determine the best option for you so you can leverage the Amazon platform to create a full-time living.

Consisting of more than 60 video lessons and downloadable resources, this step-by-step blueprint shows you how to sell on Amazon with absolutely no selling experience. It’s a mixture of video lessons and presentations, going over everything from selecting items to making the sale stick. You’ll learn how to discover what people search for so you can pick the right items to sell, where to get those items, how to create a purchase-worthy listing, and the ins-and-outs of getting your items to your buyers.

Something this course talks about – that a lot of others don’t – is the two types of Amazon listings: single-seller listing and listing with multiple sellers. In other words, some items have other sellers that may rank higher than you therefore getting the sale. For example, take a look at this listing for herb seeds. See where it says “New (2) From…” ? This course shows how to out-rank those competitors.

Amazon Multi Seller Example


$109.99 but often goes on sale below $50.00

#11 Amazon FBA Master Course With Amazon Product Listing

Best techniques to list your products

  • Level: Beginner
  • Course length: 3.5 hours, self-paced
  • Prerequisites: Computer, internet, and the desire to sell on Amazon
  • Price: $84.99 Currently on sale for under $11.99
  • Creator’s Credentials: Amazon FBA seller who started with former Amazon sales models.

Key Features:

βœ” Walks you through the 5 main steps to creating a product listing that attracts buyers.
βœ” Goes over the need for UPC codes and if you need one.
βœ” Gives examples of good vs. bad product listings.
βœ” Lesson on how to do a detailed keyword analysis to increase product visibility.
βœ” Shows how to come up with a shipping plan.

What I Like:

With plenty of examples, I felt this course did a pretty good job of walking me through the main parts of creating a product listing, something other courses don’t go into too much.

What I Don’t Like:

I would like to see more information on pricing because it is something Amazon shoppers compare.

Also, a product analysis tool recommendation that is free to use would be nice to have.

Amazon Master Course With Product Listing Review:

Your instructor, Umit Duman, has been an Amazon FBA seller on the (past) different Amazon marketplaces for a long time, experiencing other sales models such as Amazon Dropshipping and Arbitrage. Because of his knowledge in those past e-commerce platforms, he understands Amazon and its operation from different perspectives.

A good product listing is vital to making sales on Amazon and this course goes into detail on how to do that. From creating your first Amazon listing to determining the key elements that attracts buyer, you’ll get all the information you need.

You’re taught how to create the 5 main sections that make-up a good product listing and how Amazon ‘reads’ these sections:

  • Create a compelling title for your product.
  • Presenting clear and attractive images.
  • Outlining important features with bullet points.
  • What to include in your product description.
  • Entering the right search terms.

Additionally, you’ll get general guidance on other seller factors that don’t directly affect your product listing: getting and dealing with reviews, setting product prices, and customer Q&A.



What is Amazon FBA ?

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon and is the “you sell it, we ship it” model used by people who want to sell things on Amazon. In other words, if you have something to sell but don’t want to have physical inventory in your home, Amazon stores your stuff in their warehouses and does all the picking and shipping for you.

There are a few different selling methods, each defined by the way you procure and brand your items.

Because you’re a beginner, the courses we’ll focus on in this post are for the three easiest ways to be an Amazon FBA seller:

  • Retail Arbitrage, where you buy heavily-discounted items and sell them for a profit.
  • Private Labeling, where you create your own product and brand.
  • White Label, where you source products and re-brand them as your own.

Amazon FBA Fees

Selling on Amazon, and using their FBA model, isn’t free. In fact, there are several fees you need to be aware of.

Selling Plan Per Item Fee

  1. Individual Plan, $0.99 cents per item
  2. Professional Plan at $39.99 per month.

The Individual plan has many limitations compared to the professional plan, such as the amount of items you can sell, the number of categories you can list your items, and inventory management tools.

Referral Fee

For every item sold, you pay Amazon a “commission”, either a percentage of the total price of an item sold or a minimum amount, whichever is greater. The total price of an item includes item price, shipping cost, and any gift-wrapping charges.

FBA Fulfillment Fees

This fee covers the cost of picking and packing your orders, shipping and handling, customer service, and product returns.

Per Unit Fees are broken out into 3 categories and are based on the weights, dimensions and type of products and items.

  1. Non-apparel
  2. Apparel
  3. Small and light

During certain times of the year (Christmas for example), Amazon also imposes a ‘Peak Fulfillment Fee’ for certain items.

FBA Storage Fees

Inventory storage fees are charged monthly based on the daily average volume (measured in cubic feet) for the space your inventory occupies in Amazon fulfillment centers.

  • January – September, you’re charged $0.75 cents per cubic foot for standard sized items and $0.48 cents per cubic foot for oversized items.
  • October – December, you’re charged $2.40 per cubic foot for standard sized items and $1.20 per cubic foot for oversized items.

And, for products classified as dangerous goods and for items that have been stored in an Amazon fulfillment center for more than 365 days, long-term storage fees are applied.

Final Thoughts

Amazon FBA will always be a leading selling model that simplifies and streamlines the process for you.

However, there’s more to selling than picking an item, creating a listing and waiting for the sales to come in.

When choosing the best Amazon FBA course, keep in mind the various training methods, material, and features because it’s essential to save time and money while ensuring that you receive accurate and up-to-date instruction.

Are you ready to pick a course ?

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