How to Become a Remote Web Developer Without Experience

One of the most in-demand remote jobs we come across is a Web Developer. If you want to know how to become a Web Developer, without experience, your first steps are to understand what part of development you want to do and the languages you need to know.

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In this guide, I show you how to become a Web Developer without experience, exploring the functions of a remote Web Developer, the qualifications & skills you need, how much you can make, and where to find work.

So, if you’re ready to start a new career as a Web Developer, let’s get started.

What is a Web Developer ?

A Web Developer is someone who utilizes a variety of programming languages to make websites do what they are intended to do. In other words, they write the code that allows a website to function.

Web Developers do not make a website aesthetically pleasing…that’s the job of a Web Designer.

Let’s break it down even further.

There are different Web Developer functions and many companies hire Developers to do a specific type of developing.

The specific jobs classified under ‘Web Development” are:

Front End Web Developer, where you write the code that translates to what website users see. In other words, the code that makes the design of a site.

Back End Web Developer, where you write code that powers a website, like the server and database. Basically, the behind-the-scenes actions that make a website work.

Full Stack Developer, where you’re the ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to development. You do both front and back ends.

The words ‘developer’ and ‘engineer’ are often used interchangeably, so if you see a job with Engineer in the title, don’t pass it up. It’s probably the same as a Developer. For instance, Front End Engineer, Back End Engineer, and Full Stack Engineer are job titles used by many companies to describe a Developer role.

What is a Web Developer ?

Is Web Development a Good Career Choice?

Before getting too deep into talking about becoming a Web Developer, you’re probably wondering: Is Web Development a good career choice, especially for someone who wants to work from home ?

Knowing how much Web Developers can make and if the job has a good outlook are important to know. Let’s go over them now.

Can you be a Web Developer without a degree ?

Yes, you can become a highly-proficient Web Developer even if you don’t have a degree. In fact, because web development is mostly about skills, it’s an easily self-taught career path that can be learned with several hours of in-depth web development training.

Some Web Developer job descriptions will indicate a degree or equivalent experience is required, but when it comes down to it, real-world experience will more than likely get you the job. The ultimate goal is consistently awesome results, degree or not.

Can you be a Web Developer with no experience ?

Yes ! You absolutely CAN be a Web Developer without experience. This is the kind of job that relies heavily on knowledge and skills, not necessarily long-term experience. In fact, it’s common for companies to hire junior, or entry-level, developers. For instance, take a look at the skills requirement with this opening at Toggl:

Toggl Web Developer Job Description
Courtesy: Toggl

Are Web Developers in demand ?

Web Developers possess some of the most in-demand tech skills and, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected job outlook for Web Development is a 13% growth from 2020 to 2030.

Not only do Web Developers make great money, but Front End, Back End, and Full Stack Development is a good career choice that offers a ton of flexibility and allows you to work remotely. In fact, many companies hire Developers who are based all over the world.

Do remote Web Developers make good money ?

Front end developers average $102,594.00 per year while back end developers, whose programming languages are more technical, tend to earn an average of $115,685.00 per year. Full stack developers, on the other hand, can earn an average annual salary of $106,428.00.

Web Developer Salaries

Qualifications to Become a Web Developer

To be a Web Developer, you initially need coding knowledge in the 3 main programming languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Then, once you’ve mastered those languages, you can learn about frameworks, platforms and other programs such as PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails. All of these languages and programs can be self-taught or learned through specialized training (more on this later).

What you don’t need is a degree or certification. As long as you can showcase your work and prove that you’ve mastered the necessary skills, you are a qualified Web Developer.

Besides having a working knowledge of the right programming language, Web Developer qualifications are split into two groups: Soft skills and hard skills.

Soft skills Web Developers need:

  • Strong communication skills are a must
  • A full understanding of the specific goals and needs of the site being developed
  • You should be easy to work with as concepts constantly change

Hard skills Web Developers need:

  • New Front End Developers must know HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • New Back End Developers must know Java, PHP, and Python
  • Full Stack Developers should know all the programming skills of Front End and Back End Developers plus
  • Knowledge of source code management tools (aka version control software) like Git, Mecurial, and Subversion. These tools let you keep track of your code changes in case you have to revert to a previous, working version if something goes wrong.

Programming Languages Beginner Web Developers Should Know

Web Developers who don’t have experience should start out learning the basic languages based on the they type of developer your are. Start off with HTML, CSS, and Python as they are the among easiest languages to learn then, as you develop your skills, you can learn other languages like Javascript, Ruby, PHP and Java.

Let’s break-down the language requirements based on the programming function:

⌨  Front End Developers should know these 3 most commonly used languages: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

💻 Back End Developers use PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, Java, Javascript, and .Net most often.

📟 Full Stack Developers are often required to know React, JQuery, and Rails in addition to the languages used for Front End and Back End Developers.

📊 As you progress as a Web Developer, framework tools that provide an easier way to build and run web applications are good to know (JQuery, React, Agular).

Where to Learn Web Development Skills

Here’s a list of online resources and courses to jumpstart your remote Web Development career.

Web Developer Bootcamp

Cost: $174.99

Course length: 63 hours, 38 minutes self-paced


One of the most popular web development courses on the Udemy learning platform, this training is constantly updated with new content, projects, and modules.  This course covers EVERYTHING, from basic languages to advanced frameworks and programs. It’s also pretty interactive, with slides, downloads, projects and exercises and is perfect for beginners beginners with no experience or degree.

The Complete Front End Web Development Course

Cost: $124.99

Course length: 16 hours, 48 minutes self-paced


This course walks you through the basics of web development, including building a simple HTML text site and styling web pages using CSS. Then, when you’re comfortable with the basics, you’ll learn advanced HTML and CSS, beginner-level Javascript, JQuery library, and Bootstrap framework.

Beginner Full Stack Web Development

Cost: $139.99

Course length: 31 hours, 28 minutes self-paced


Another Full Stack training course for beginners, all you need to know to being a new Web Developer is covered in this 31 hour course.

Javascript for Beginners

Cost: $99.99

Course length: 3 hours, 42 minutes self-paced


If you know the basics of HTMl, then this course is your next step to becoming a Web Developer. Created for absolute beginners, you’ll be introduced to the major components of javascript and therefore more prepared to go through advanced Javascript training.

The Complete Javascript Course: From Zero to Expert

Cost: $149.99

Course length: 68 hours, 21 minutes self-paced


In this 68 hour-long online training, you’ll learn everything you need to know as far as Javascript is concerned. The course creator claims you’ll be ‘job ready” and “become an advanced, confident, and modern JavaScript developer from scratch.” This is one of the highest-rated and most popular course on Udemy.

The Python Mega Course

Cost: $129.99

Course length: 33 hours, 16 minutes self-paced


Python, one of the easiest programming languages for Back End Web Developers to learn, and this course will teach you how to become a programmer producing real-life Python program. You’ll also learn to automate routine tasks, develop interactive web applications using Flask and Django, visualize data, and more. You’ll even create professional .exe or .app executables so that everyone can install and use your programs.

Where to Find Remote Web Developer Jobs

If you’re looking for a full-time entry-level Web Developer job, these companies frequently hire beginners:

Tip: look at jobs that are called Engineers too. Often, they are Front End, Back End, or Full Stack Developer positions.

◼ Toggl

◼ Automattic

◼ Github


◼ Clevertech

◼ Go Daddy

◼ The Wary Worker has an up-to-date list of remote jobs in development, with several companies.

If you want to find a freelance Web Developer job, you can look for clients on the following platforms:


Hubstaff Talent



◼ Toptal

Some of the best developer-specific job boards and platforms are:

◼ Stack Overflow

◼ Dice

◼ iCrunchData

Final Thoughts

If you’re a beginner just learning how to be a Web Developer, you have plenty of things to learn before you can get a job.

Did this post pique your interest in Web Development even more ?

Did this post help get you started ?

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