Afternoon / Evening Remote Job That Doesn’t Require A Degree

$20.00 Per Hour Easy Remote Job You Can Do Afternoons / Evenings/ Nights

Today I’m sharing a no-phone, no degree required, little experience needed, afternoon /evening and – depending on where you live – night shift work from home job and it pays $20.00 per hour.

So this lead comes to us from Slick Deals, a deal sharing community where you can find great bargains on just about anything.

Today they’re looking for an online moderator to work Afternoon and Evening shifts.

This is a full-time remote job however it is a contract position. Typically what that means is, you’re not an actual employee of the company therefore you more than likely will not be eligible for benefits and they’re not going to do payroll withholding either. That’s going to be your responsibility.


The work schedule for this position will be Wednesdays through Sundays 1 pm to 9 pm Pacific Standard time and you’ll have Mondays and Tuesdays off. This is a remote position for anybody anywhere in the United States so you don’t have to live in the Pacific Standard time zone, you just have to be able to work within those hours. So for example, I live in the Eastern time zone so locally I’ll be working 4 pm to midnight just to match up with these hours.


You’ll be working the TCW division of Slick Deals, and your main responsibility will be ensuring content on the site abides by the governing rules, policies and guidelines. And that includes directly responding to reports of potential violations as well as identifying content that’s not allowed.

You may may also respond to questions and requests posted by members of the community, both on the site as well as other channels. I read through this entire job description and nowhere does it say you’re going to be doing any phone work so when they refer to other channels I’m going to assume that means social media. However, for clarification you’re going to have to ask about that during your interview process.

  • On a regular basis you’ll proactively monitor for violations of policies, rules, and guidelines governing the site and or specific forums.
  • You’ll thoroughly document infractions made by users or Merchants and issue formal notifications, warnings, or bans to users of the site due to discovered infractions. And if a user has a protest regarding any notifications, warnings, or bans it’ll be your responsibility to respond to those protests.
  • You’ll also identify patterns associated with spamming and Shilling, arbitrate disputes between members of the community, and communicate with other teams within the company with any issues related to their scope of responsibilities.
  • You’ll maintain knowledge of current rules policies and guidelines, assist with requests for account closures, and serve as an ambassador of the site and its Community.


  • They’re looking for someone who has exceptional interpersonal skills
  • They’d also like you to have strong communication skills, a thick skin, and you’re able to author detailed documentation.
  • They also tell us they want someone who has considerable experience with arbitrating disagreements, so think about any situation in your previous job where you had to diffuse any kind of disagreements, either between customers or fellow employees. Be specific with this example and make sure to put it somewhere within your cover letter or your resume – somewhere where whoever’s hiring will be sure to see it.
  • They’re NOT requiring a degree although they do say they prefer you have a bachelor’s degree or greater. Now, that’s just preferred it’s not required.
  • However, they do require you have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • They prefer you’re proficient with Google Docs and sheets.
  • They prefer you have knowledge of internet-based terms and technology such as ip, vpn, Etc.
  • They also prefer you have a thorough understanding of the slick deals community and its culture. So when it comes to that, just go back to their website and check it out and see what they have to offer and get familiar with their Cash Back Rewards, their deal alerts, and even check out their social media. They also prefer you have experience with monitoring forum-based communities.


So, at the beginning I mentioned this is a contract position so it doesn’t look like there are any benefits included.

As far as pay they don’t really come out and say what the pay within the job description, but scrolling through their online application it does say this position has an hourly pay of twenty dollars per hour.


Well there you go, we just went over an afternoon/evening/possibly even a night shift position that pays twenty dollars per hour and I’m pretty sure this job is
going to go fast so get your application in now.