Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Links

Every once in a while I recommend a product or service and link to it by using an affiliate link.   If you make a purchase via one of my affiliate links I get a commission – sometimes it’s a few cents, sometimes a few dollars.  Whatever the amount, it keeps this blog going by paying for expenses.

You are not charged anything when you click on an affiliate link.

Affiliate links can be identified by a simple line of disclosure at the beginning of the post that looks like this: “This page may contain affilliate links.  Please read my full disclosure”, or by a paragraph mid-way through a post that reads like this: “Disclosure: I proudly affiliate myself with some of the resources mentioned in this article. If you buy something through the links on this page I may get a small commission…at no extra charge to you. Thanks !”

I’m really picky about what I recommend, which is why I don’t do it too much.   I only affiliate with things I use, have tried in the past or come highly recommended by my peers.  I won’t suggest something just for the sake of trying to make a buck.

So, for any purchases you make through my affiliate links,  thank you for your help.

Third Party Advertising

I may use third party advertising networks to generate a little bit of income. Although this form of advertising may be necessary, I try to place the ads where they won’t interfere with your reading of the articles.

Thank you for your understanding and support !