8 Easy to Learn Virtual Assistant Skills (In-Demand For 2024)

As a Virtual Assistant, knowing the top skills is vitally important to your success. I’m not talking about organization, time management, and computer skills…those are a given. In this guide, I show you the best Virtual Assistant skills that are in-demand right now, what they involve, and where you can easily learn these Virtual Assistant skills.

But first, how do I know these skills are in high demand ?

I took a hard look at the needs of prospective clients – businesses and individuals. Because, after all, they’re the ones who need to have stuff done and they’re willing to pay. So, I looked on freelance platforms to see what services are in need. I also scoured through several Virtual Assistant companies to see what services they advertise they provide.

Virtual Assistant Skills: What they are and where to learn them

Here are 8 in-demand Virtual Assistant skills you can offer as a service – plus where to get the online training you need to become a Pro:

  1. Blog Management
  2. Content Creation for Blogs
  3. Podcast and YouTube Editing and Management
  4. Social Media Management
  5. Online Outreach
  6. Email Marketing and Management
  7. Online Marketing
  8. Financial services

#1 Blog Management

Blog management is a pretty wide-spread niche that involves just about everything related to making – and keeping – a blog running smoothly.

What a Blog Manager Does:

  • Prioritize blog topics.
  • Plan content strategy and content calendars for the blog.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Perform redirections, fix broken links, and make WordPress updates.
  • You may write some blog posts.
  • Edit and proof blog posts
  • Source images from free or paid resources.
  • Select, install, and set-up plugins.
  • Work with writers.
  • Find new writers and/or guest writers.

Requirements of a Blog Manager

  • You know how to do keyword research, topic brainstorming, meta data optimization, and publication of content.
  • You know WordPress, or other blog content management systems.
  • You’re familiar with copywriting and digital marketing.
  • Excellent writing, proofing, and editing skills.
  • You can understand business goals and align your creative process to meet those goals.
  • You know HTML and CSS.
  • You are familiar with cPanel and databases.

Where to Learn how to do Blog Management:

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» WordPress For Beginners

WordPress is (arguably) the most popular blog management platform, with over 455 million websites and blogs using the platform.

This online course walks you through the steps to starting and managing a WordPress blog and covers everything you need to know including setting up a real blog and adding posts, images, and working with plugins.

Check out WordPress For Beginners here.

πŸ’» Modern HTML and CSS From The Beginning

In this course, you’ll learn how to build modern websites and blogs with a full understanding of HTML and CSS.

This 21-hour long, on-demand online video course is for both beginners and seasoned developers who want to learn how to build responsive websites and user interfaces with modern HTML5 and CSS3+ technologies.

Check out Modern HTML and CSS From The Beginning.

#2 Content Creation for Blogs

A Content Creator is similar to Blog Manager (see #1) but you’re a little more in the nuts and bolts and less involved in the management side of things.

Content creators produce content on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, use writing and graphic design skills to make any blog topic engaging to the desired target audience.

What a Blog Content Creator Does

  • You write blog posts
  • Source and create images
  • Perform keyword research
  • Organize the structure of articles.
  • Create social media posts
  • Craft email
  • May create videos related to the blog’s subject matter

Requirements of a Content Creator

  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • You’re familiar with graphic design software, such as Canva and Photoshop
  • You can source images – both free and paid
  • You’re familiar with video creation software
  • Capable of writing and proofreading
  • You can incorporate SEO into blog posts
  • You’re familiar with social media

Where to Learn Content Creation for Blogs:

πŸ“‘ Complete Freelance Writing Online Course: Beginner to Pro

The only prerequisite for this course is the ability to string a few sentences together. In this online course, you’ll learn…

…How to write effective press releases and distribute them online,

…How to pitch for different types of work and clients,

…How to set up, create, and promote your own professional writer’s website,

…How to write effective blog posts that win and keep regular clients,

…How to make your writing search engine friendly to impress and keep clients,

…How to combine your skills and expertise to offer more value to clients and earn more money.

Check out Complete Freelance Writer Online Course here.

🎨 Canva Master Course

One of the best image design tools out there is Canva, which you can easily learn with this Canva Master Course.

Once you learn the basics and understand all the elements Canva has to offer, you’ll see how to create effective branding and visuals for just about every graphic need.

This 8 hour, 60 lecture video training course covers everything you need to know to create eye-catching images even if you never thought you could be a graphic designer.

Check out Canva Master Course here.

#3 Podcast / YouTube Editor

To be able to successfully manage or edit Podcasts and YouTube videos, you need knowledge of the right editing tools. You’ll manage the podcast or YouTube video, doing everything from ensuring the lighting is good to trimming clips as well as fine-tuning audio and perfecting the entire podcast or video.

What a Podcast / YouTube Editor Does

  • Use software to trim, add, or rearrange clips.
  • Remove audible distractions.
  • You may mix audio from other files with the main podcast content.
  • Posting the podcast online.
  • Repurpose content into a podcast or YouTube video

Requirements of a Podcast / YouTube Editor

  • You’re familiar with editing software, such as Premiere Pro CC, Audacity, or Adobe Audition
  • You know your way around YouTube.
  • You have a “good ear”.

Where to Learn Podcast / YouTube Editing:

πŸ“· YouTube Masterclass

This guide walks you through starting a YouTube channel, getting more views & subscribers, and building on a brand to make it more successful.

You’ll learn the creation process, from start to finish, as well as how to upload videos, grow your channel, make money with YouTube, equipment recommendations, and more.

Check out YouTube Masterclass here.

🎬 Premier Pro CC: Video Editing

With over 13,000 students, this course has garnered a 4.6 out of 5 star rating.

This course goes into great detail showing you how to master adobe Premier Pro, one of the most widely recognized video editing program used today.

You’ll learn:

  • Understanding the software and what it entails,
  • How to stabilize shaky camera syndrome,
  • Importing and organizing video clips,
  • Keyboard shortcuts,
  • Adding and cutting clips
  • Adding titles
  • Adding audio
  • How to export your video.

One of the requirements you must meet before taking this course is to have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on your computer so you can follow along and participate in the practice test (there are a lot of them).  Don’t have Premier Pro ?  You can get it here.

Check out Premier Pro Video Editing here.

🎧 Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced

This 7+ hours long video training course walks you through the many features and tools within Audacity, showing you how to use them in podcast recording, editing, and production.

The course consists of four sections, taking you from beginner to advanced lessons, exploring topics like graphic EQ, the filter curve, noise reduction, manipulating audio waveforms, compression, normalization, and much more.

Check out Audacity Bootcamp here.

πŸŽ₯ Adobe Audition CC: The Beginners Guide to Adobe Audition

In addition to learning the proper workflow for podcasting, music production, and general audio editing, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make your audio sound better.
  • Reduce background noise & improve vocals.
  • Create an Audition project from beginning to end.
  • Mix and master a project to sound perfect for online viewing
  • Save and export high quality audio files

Check out Adobe Audition here.

#4 Social Media Management

Social media management is more than posting on social media platforms and creating images for each platform. You need to know how to maintain engagement by monitoring, executing, and measuring the social media presence of a product, brand, corporation or individual.

What a Social Media Manager Does

  • Create content for social platforms.
  • Schedule social posts.
  • Create campaign strategies.
  • Monitor social analytics to see which campaigns are working.
  • Engage with your audience.

Requirements to be a Social Media Manager

  • Sometimes a Bachelor’s degree in marketing is required
  • Have a good understanding of how social media works and realize which pieces of content work best with each platform.
  • You’re a good writer.
  • Understand the writing tone of each platform (Linkedin has a more professional tone; Facebook is more easy-going).
  • You’re a good story-teller.
  • Have an understanding of SEO and incorporate it into social posts.

Where to Learn Social Media Management Skills:

😁 Social Media Marketing Mastery

In this course, you’ll learn the principles and strategies to build highly converting ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger…basically covering any marketing via social media.

The course is over 8 hours, self-paced, and goes into detail about how to optimize 10 of the most popular social media platforms.

Check out Social Media Marketing Mastery here.

βœ” Certified Facebook Marketing

Facebook is still a top revenue generator for many online businesses, and for Virtual Assistants a highly sought-after skill.

If you have a basic knowledge of Facebook, you can use this course to learn how to brand your client’s business through proper optimization and content creation while identifying your own niche as a Virtual Assistant.

Although this course is directed at growing your brand, all the information can be used on your client’s business. You’ll learn how grow your (client’s) Facebook reach, create engagement strategies, and develop a selling strategy.

Check out Certified Facebook Marketing here.

πŸ‘ Facebook Ads Masterclass

This easy to follow course can be used in conjunction with the Certified Facebook Marketing course I mentioned above.  In it, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of creating effective Facebook Ads, including:

  • How to create ads with proper targeting and well-produced content.
  • You’ll learn the different types and formats of ads.
  • Hacks for efficient Facebook product marketing
  • Location settings for more targeted audience
  • Cost caps and why they’re necessary
  • How to develop Facebook event interaction engagement ads

Check out Facebook Ads Masterclass here.

➑ Facebook Blueprint (free)

The Facebook Blueprint website is a free online training guide designed to walk you through all the steps to advance your VA career.  The self-paced courses cover topics on ads, fundraising, growing a business through Facebook, and even growing / advertising with Instagram.

Check out Facebook Blueprint here.

Offered by Hubspot, a leader in software designed for marketing and sales, this free online course will only take you a little over 3 hours to complete but is full of valuable information.  Completing this course will get you going towards being an email marketing pro., teaching you how to create a winning email marketing strategy.

Not only will you learn how to send the right type of email, you’ll learn how to develop relationships via email and be able to test your marketing strategy.

Take a look at Hubspot’s free Email Marketing course here.

#5 Online Outreach

Every business wants a ton of customers and the best way to get them is with outreach.  And with online outreach, a business can gain even more customers.

As a Virtual Assistant focusing on Online Outreach, your main goal is to build relationships and boost customer retention through various tools and strategies.

What an Online Outreach Person Does

  • Participate in relevant online platforms.
  • Generate leads.
  • Reach out to advertisers / sponsors.
  • Engage in conversations with fellow bloggers.
  • Research the best strategies and techniques to build relationships.
  • Perform competition research.

Requirements to do Online Outreach

  • You’re familiar with social media.
  • You know your way around email.
  • You can craft to-the-point emails.
  • You have an engaging personality and it shows in your writing.

Where to Learn Online Research:

Note: even though this is not a training course, it is still a great read.

Take a look at Hubspot’s Online Outreach article here.

#6 Email Marketing and Management

Email Marketing and Management is a form of marketing that reaches out to existing or new customers as a means to express brand awareness by sharing new information or products.

An affordable and accessible marketing strategy, sending out marketing emails on a regular basis is time consuming, therefore, many businesses and entrepreneurs seek people to do it for them.

What an Email Marketer / Manager Does

  • Use a dedicated email service provider to send emails to the subscriber list.
  • Design email templates – some may be more personal in nature, some more information, depending on the topic.
  • Organize incoming emails, manage spam, flag important emails, and follow-up on emails.
  • Build and maintain an email list.

Requirements needed to be an Email Marketer / Manager

  • Know how email service providers (ESP) work
  • Have a knack for writing succinct emails

Where to Learn Email Marketing and Management:

πŸ’» The Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course

Mailchimp, used by millions of blog and website owners to garner more sales for their businesses, is an email marketing service all Virtual Assistant should know how to use.

This course will teach you the principals and strategies used to build email marketing campaigns and is frequently updated to flow with the changes in Mailchimp.

The self-paced, 4 hour long course goes into great detail on how to use Mailchimp…more info. than I was able to find online for free.

Check out The Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course here.

πŸ“§ SPI’s Epic Guide To Email Marketing (free)

The 7 chapters are well organized and easy to follow, focusing on how to market products and services to an audience through email.  With lessons covering tips, mistakes to avoid, email marketing tools, and why having an email list and sending out an occasional email isn’t enough to support a business, you’re bound to learn A LOT.

This course was created to improve your email marketing strategy BUT all the information can be used with any business wanting to improve their email marketing tactics.

Check out SPI’s epic email marketing course here.

#7 Online / Digital Marketing

Online Marketing is an in-demand Virtual Assistant skill that is not going away any time soon.

A broad-based marketing technique, online and digital marketing uses the internet to spread the word about a company or brand. This includes email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, link building, and social sharing.

What an Online / Digital Marketer Does

  • You’ll create landing pages and sales pages.
  • Manage promotions and new product launches.
  • Set-up paid advertising campaigns.
  • Edit content for SEO.
  • You may write and publish blog posts.
  • Create paid ads strategies.

Requirements to be an Online / Digital Marketer

  • You know how to edit and update websites and blogs.
  • You’re familiar with SEO and SEM tools like Semrush, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs.
  • You’re familiar with social media platforms.
  • You know how PPC works
  • You know how to build backlinks

Where to Learn how To Do Online Marketing:

πŸ“Š 28 Online Marketing Courses in 1

This is a thorough, 18+ hour long online marketing training tutorial geared for first-time online marketers and it goes into detail on everything you need to know.

You’ll learn marketing techniques for:

  • Social media platforms
  • SEO
  • Google ads
  • YouTube
  • Podcasts

And you’ll also learn:

  • How to do website sales copy
  • How to write press releases
  • How to get involved with influencer marketing
  • How to perform online review management

Find 28 Online Marketing Courses in 1 here

πŸ’° Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

Affiliate marketing is one of the most sought-after virtual assistant services because it requires a lot of expertise.

In this 3 hour long course, you’ll not only learn what affiliate marketing is, but you’ll see the best ways to use it to generate online traffic that’s willing to spend money.

There are 8 lectures in total, designed to show you only the things you need to know. Each lecture gives you the basics so that you can start your journey the right way with a very solid foundation.

Check out Affilliate Marketing Bootcamp here.

#8 Finance

Anything related to finance, including forecasting, tax, basic accounting, and bookkeeping is a popular request for Virtual Assistants. If you have experience in finance, such as processing payments and preparing tax forms, this is a great opportunity for you.

What a Finance Expert Does

  • Prepare tax forms
  • Perform accounting or bookkeeping functions, from entry-level to advanced.

Requirements to be a Finance Expert

  • Have a solid understanding of accounting or bookkeeping
  • Familiar with accounting and tax software

Where to Learn How to Be a Finance Virtual Assistant:

πŸ’² Complete Finance Bookkeeping And Accounting

If you’re looking for a well-organized online course to learn the fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting, this one has you covered.  I will say this though:  bookkeeping is boring.  And so is this course.  But stick with it and you’ll learn a lot.

Check out Complete Finance Bookkeeping And Accounting here.

How To Pick Your VA Service Niche

It’s really simple to pick your service niche and only takes a minute or two.

Once you have a good understanding of how to become a Virtual Assistant, take a look at these top services and answer these questions:

  • What can you do?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What are willing to learn to do?

Then, start learning.

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After all, it’s easier to follow someone who’s already been successful than try to muddle you way on your own.

Are you ready to start working as a Virtual Assistant ? Still thinking about it ?

Either way, leave a message below to let me know.