25 Companies That Provide Equipment For You To Work From Home

If you’re looking for work from home jobs that provide equipment we’ve got you covered. This post is all about companies that give you the stuff you need so you can work from a remote location and do your job with ease.

Must-Have Equipment Needed To Work From Home

Every remote job requires some basic pieces of equipment, like these:

  • You need a computer, one that is new-ish and has Windows 10.  Laptop or desktop is usually fine but make sure your computer has at least 8 gigs of RAM.
  • Updated internet browsers – Firefox and Chrome are the preferred browsers (some companies prefer one browser over the other for logging onto their platform).
  • High speed internet service; typically hard-wired internet is required to ensure stable connection and security.
  • Video conferencing programs – at least the ability to download and use them. Zoom is the most common program I see on job leads.
  • A dedicated office space that allows for distraction-free work. This doesn’t have to be an office-office. Often, a desk in the spare bedroom or a corner in the living room will suffice.
  • A desk, chair, and printer.
  • Essential equipment to do your job, such as headphones (for customer service jobs) and specific software programs (for example: Excel, Quickbooks, MS Word)

The exact equipment you need to be a successful home worker depends on the job you’re hired to do.  For example, if your remote job is in customer service you need a phone system with a noise canceling headset in addition to the must-haves listed above. And if you’re doing content writing, you need to know the best software programs to be a better writer.

OKay, now let’s get to the companies and jobs where equipment is provided for you:

Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

From things like a computer, work station, internet service, even headphones, these companies will literally provide the equipment you need to do your job…or at the very least an allowance to get whatever equipment you need.

1. 10up

10Up is more than just a remote company, they want their employees to thrive on delivering great experiences to their customers.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

The work from home jobs include an equipment allowance as one of the awesome benefits this company gives to their employees.

2. Acceleration Partners

A 100% remote company, Acceleration Partners is committed to offering a supportive work environment with benefits that fosters a healthy work force that is able to freely focus on their job

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

You’re given an allowance to use towards technology, tools, or office equipment to help you do your job efficiently and effectively.

3. Articulate

An online training app. development company, Articulate always seems to have a lot of remote jobs available. And they have a great set of benefits, including (but not limited to) medical insurance, 401(k), and flexible paid time off.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

Articulate wants their employees to “work when and how you want” by being empowered to do your best work.

And to do your best work, a few of the many benefits they provide are setting you up with a home office and providing equipment and technology.

In fact, they have this to say:

… We trust that you’ll ask for what you need, and we’re committed to doing what we can to support and empower you…

4. Auth0

Auth0 is a web and mobile security company that has several work from home jobs. It is a well-liked company to work for, with the core philosophy based on the principles of collaboration, experimentation, learning, transparency and passion.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

AuthO will give you whatever you need to do your best work.

5. Automattic

Automattic was one of the first companies to go totally remote, hiring employees from all over the world to work from their home. The core of their business is WordPress, one of the most used blogging platforms out there today, with customer service being in the forefront.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

Automattic generously rewards their employees and reimburses them for any hardware and software they purchase.

6. Chili Piper

Believing in the ‘remote first’ work culture, Chili Piper is a platform that allows companies to meet with their buyers easily and efficiently.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

As you can see in the image below, Chili Piper will provide any equipment, software, and technology you’ll need.

7. Collage

A totally remote company, Collage creates beautiful accessories from photos. They believe their team is happiest working wherever they are most comfortable with control over their work environment.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

This company doesn’t just provide equipment for their home-based and remote workers, they’ll also reimburse your internet expense.

8. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a reputable cloud-space company built for businesses with active development teams.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

Digital Ocean rewards their employees with computer equipment and up to $100.00 to purchase headphones of your choice.

9. Doist

A remote-first company, Doist was launched in 2007 out of the need of a college student looking for a way to handle all his daily tasks. He created ToDoist, an app that keeps track of everyday work and life – from the mundane to the most important professional goals.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

As you can see, Doist provides their remote employees with whatever hardware you need as well as high speed internet reimbursement.

10. Enterprise Holdings

The parent company of most of the major car rental services, Enterprise Holdings frequently hires work from home Call Center Representatives.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

As a Call Center Rep., you are provided with a phone system that includes a headset and microphone.

11. Files.com

Files.com is a secure cloud platform for files and workflows that believes in hiring well-rounded employees who are interested in filling multiple roles within the organization.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

Files.com has a lot of work from home jobs…all include a fully-loaded computer.

12. Formstack

Allowing people to easily create custom forms, documents, and collect e-signatures, Formstack has a thriving remote culture, with employees all over the world. And they offer great benefits, too, like 100% healthcare coverage, 401(k), flex hours, and company retreats.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

In addition to their awesome benefits, their remote jobs include all the technology and tools you need to perform your job.

13. Gitlab

Gitlab is a DevOps platform used by Project Managers to perform all the tasks related to a project, from planning and source code management to monitoring and security

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

Gitlab is a generous company, letting you buy whatever you need to perform your job the best you can.

14. Glitch

A platform used by millions to create web apps, Glitch is another very generous company that functions on a full remote team culture.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

As you can see, they give employees their choice of technical set-up and $100.00 monthly stipend towards home office  expenses.

15. Hotjar

Headquartered in Malta, HotJar has employees all over the world.  The product they develop allows their customers see how their websites are being used.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

As one of their many remote workers, you’ll receive a home office budget or monthly work space allowance as part of the benefits package.

16. Hyatt

Hyatt is a popular hotel and conference locale company that frequently hires work at home Customer Service Representatives.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

The work from home jobs with Hyatt come with the necessary client communication equipment to do your job.

17. InVision

This digital product design platform always seems to have remote job openings, which is great for us !

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

According to InVision, they provide the necessary tools and home office setup, too:

…Each InVision team member is given the freedom and tools to do their best work from wherever they choose. ..

…Some InVision-wide benefits offered to all employees across the globe include a flexible vacation policy, monthly coffee shop stipends, annual allowances for books related to your profession, and home office setup & wellness reimbursements…

18. LaCalle Group

LaCalle Group is a family of companies that develop innovative audiology and speech pathology products and services.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

According to their website, all their work from home employees are provided with…

…professional development, charitable gift matching, wellness programs, office supplies, internet stipend, and a personal Mac computer – you get it all.

LaCalle Group

19. On The Go Systems

Since 2008, On The Go Systems has been developing software used by WordPress developers so they can create powerful tools and websites.

This is a company that is 100% remote, welcoming outstanding people from any where in the world.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

Office set-up reimbursement is one of the many benefits provided by this WordPress development company.

According to On The Go Systems:

..We also offer the usual drill: paid vacations and national holidays, office set-up reimbursement, scholarship contributions, Kindle library and more!…

20. ReCharge Payments

Since 2015, ReCharge Payments has been providing online payment solutions for their customers. They believe that the best people are found all over the world, not just in their hometown of Santa Monica, California.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

And as far as their employees are concerned, one of the benefits is provided office equipment.

21. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online subscription learning platform, offering thousands of courses in just about every area. They’re committed to building a diverse team of remote employees with the benefit of living a balanced, fulfilled life.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

In addition to a slew of great benefits, including stock options; 401(k); health, dental and vision insurance; and paid sabbaticals (to name a few benefits), Skillshare provides a lot of equipment to make life and work a whole lot easier.

22. TaxJar

TaxJar is a company that specializes in sales tax.

As they put it:

we’re creating more powerful ways for businesses to manage sales tax by turning confusing and complicated into simple and delightful.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

TaxJar provides their work from home employees with a ton of benefits, including new technology, internet and phone reimbursement, and $250.00 for home office ergo set-up.

23. Team Gantt

A small, 100% remote company, Team Gantt employees work 36 hours per week providing team colaboration software solutions for businesses worldwide.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

As you can see here, Team Gantt lets you work from anywhere AND they’ll give you a $5,000.00 budget to help you create your perfect work environment.

24. The Hoth

An SEO company – ‘the best’ as they put it – The Hoth hires talented people from a wide range of backgrounds. In addition to providing equipment, The Hoth has a 401(k) plan, healthcare, bonuses, and paid time off.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

According to The Hoth, they will give you all the tech you need.

All The Tech You Need: When you join our team, you’ll get an Apple computer. Need special software to do your job? Just ask! We’ll make sure you have what you need to produce your best work.

The Hoth

25. X-Team

X-Team provides teams of Developers to work on specific client’s projects, full-time and long-term. And what’s really cool about this company – besides being able to work anywhere and receive equipment – you are paid in-between projects.

What Equipment Does This Company Provide ?

X-Team is big on health and wellness, as you can see from this image, but the one benefit that suits all their work from home employees is the ability to purchase any productivity apps to help stay organized.

Over to you

I hope this list of remote companies helps you get the job of your dreams.

Which company interests you ?

Did you apply for any of the jobs ?

If so, please feel free to leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear about your experience with whichever company you’re now working for.