$19 – $21 / Hour Pet Pharmacy Support Specialist

NEW REMOTE JOB: Pet Pharmacy Support Specialist at Fuzzy

This is a full-time REMOTE job for anyone in the USA

About Fuzzy

Fuzzy is your pet health partner. On a mission to make pet care more accessible, Fuzzy is a subscription-based service offering members 24/7 Live Vet Chat support, virtual vet consultations, and on-demand answers from a team of licensed, on-staff pet health experts. Fuzzy also offers pet parents vet-tested and recommended products and personalized programs for nutrition, training, and obedience.

Through technology, we’re creating a different type of relationship between pet parents and their veterinary caregivers – one that’s personal, empowering, and focused on improving the lives of animals.

The Job

Fuzzy is looking for a Pharmacy Support Specialist to join their RX team! This person should be passionate about helping our customers and providing quality pet care to our members.

What They’re Looking For

  • At least 2 years experience in a veterinary clinic setting as a technician, with past experience providing an awesome experience for customers
  • General knowledge and understanding of how vet clinics operate
  • Basic understanding of prescription medication handling and regulatory compliance
  • General understanding of pet care recommendations and treatments 
  • Ability to recognize and identify medications and what they’re used for 
  • Ability to educate pet parents in a confident yet empathetic way that is easily digestible for pet parents
  • Ability to interact with vet clinics in a comfortable, confident and natural way that builds trust and promotes trusted partnerships 
  • Ability to communicate confidently and with empathy, in a way that builds trust between PP’s and Fuzzy right off the bat


Although the job description does not mention the pay rate, a little bit of research on Glassdoor shows us that pharmacy Support Specialists earn about $40,000.00 – $43,000.00 per year. This comes to between $19.00 and $21.00 per hour.

Based on that, for this specific job at Fuzzy, we assume you can earn right around that much. However, you’ll have to negotiate your salary during your interview process.